Thursday, 11 August 2016


Now playing - Romance de Amour

Dear gaming boy with the cutie curly hair, charming eyes, and low voice
Its been way too long, but until now i dont have any idea to get out of the way
Actually.. I have a really big crush on you! Ever since im on high school, you dont know? Me too!
I just realized my feelings not a long ago, i wonder whats  kind of feeling of this?
I thought its just a sympathy or admiration..
I thought you just a my friend's precious person
I wonder maybe..
or maybe not
Until now, i have always looked up to you, through when our eyes was meets i always looking away
I always enjoyed your music too! I like the way you play piano! And susprisingly, we have same taste for music!
You may think im weird
You may think this feelings is just my imagination, bcause.. we dont actually see and talk each other..
But still, somehow i had retained these feelings for you
and finally i thought to let my feelings out!

Before i let it out..
I thought i must improve my guitaring skill
I just wanna make my music reach you, like your music hit me right in here

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